Welcome Home: Why Choose Concierge Medicine?


Imagine connecting with a doctor who knows you and not just your medical chart. Imagine that doctor being available to you anytime you need. That is Concierge Medicine! As my patient, that is what you can expect.  I am passionate about helping people take charge of their health. I am blessed to finally have the opportunity, autonomy, and flexibility to deliver the care that you deserve. I want the art of medicine to remain as it used to be, with the practice of medicine as it should be.

Over the years I have tried to provide a very personalized and comprehensive style of practice. I believe medicine can only be practiced by having enough time to listen to your patients and really get to know them. This is my goal. I strive to deliver an old-fashioned partnership with you. It is a timeless philosophy of quality over quantity.

The health care system today is unresponsive, disorganized, overwhelming and fraught with frustration and uncertainty. With me, Dr. Doshi, as your physician, you can leave those concerns behind as I welcome you to concierge medicine. You deserve a relationship with a physician who engages in your health and is available when the need arises. I focus not only on disease management, but more importantly, disease prevention. As a concierge doctor, my practice is limited to less than 250 patients which allows me to focus my full attention onto each individual patient. You will love this personal, accessible, and patient-oriented approach.


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