About the Practice

What is Internal Medicine?

Internal Medicine doctors (also called “internists”) spend 3 or more years of intensive training learning how to diagnose and treat non-surgical medical problems in teens and adults through old age. They can treat any problems; simple or complex. In fact, other doctors often refer their patients to internists to solve puzzling medical problems. Internists are also very good at treating multiple medical problems that may come up at the same time and are often tied together.

Family doctors spend their 3 years of training learning about medical problems of children, adults, OB/GYN, surgery, and other specialties. They can treat families from babies to adults, but their training is not as intensive in any one area as an Internal Medicine doctor.

I am a physician who is Board Certified in Internal Medicine.


We have the keys to good health!

How Concierge Works

Concierge medicine is a relatively new approach to health care delivery in which primary care physicians significantly limit their practices to fewer patients in order to spend more time and care with each one. Appointments are easier and more flexible. Our annual membership fee covers these practice enhancements that are not covered by insurance. We accept most insurance plans for all medical visits. Dr. Doshi strives to deliver an old-fashioned partnership with you. It is a timeless philosophy of quality over quantity.

  • You will receive all the time you need with me.

I do not have the overburdened schedule of a traditional doctor, who typically sees 5 or more patients per hour. Since my practice is limited to under 250 patients, I typically see 5-6 patients per day! Therefore, I am able to devote more of my time to your care. My time with you is not defined by the regimented 15 minutes blocks that most traditional doctors have or that insurance allows. The average face-to-face appointment with me is approximately 45-60 minutes.

  • You can always reach me anytime.

When my patients need me, they can reach me. I can be reached by email, phone or by text message. Anytime. We also offer same day or next day appointments.

  • You can expect expedited care.

We will communicate with your specialists by physician-to-physician contact whenever necessary. We will assist in expediting specialist appointments and imaging services. You will receive prescription renewals in less than 24 hours. We will communicate test results to you promptly.

  • My staff will treat you like family.

Rest assured that my staff is supportive, dedicated, and compassionate. Your needs and concerns will always be taken care of attentively from staff that knows you personally and who will treat you with respect.


New Patient Process

All prospective new patients will be scheduled for a complimentary, non-medical Meet & Greet appointment with me, prior to scheduling a new patient appointment. It is important that you have confidence that my practice and the concierge membership will suit your needs. I aim to provide transparency and clarity in your health care. Once a mutual decision to join my practice has been made, a new patient appointment will be scheduled.