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Setting the record straight


I am truly blessed!

I wanted to express my gratitude to all of my patients and colleagues who have taken the time to find me through their family, friends, neighbors, physicians, Google, my website and Facebook page!

I am so touched by your sincere messages of support. I miss seeing all of you and I am working on getting my practice re-established as quickly as possible.

Many of you have contacted me very concerned about my health and well-being due to my absence from the practice. Please be assured: I was not captured by aliens; I am not getting divorced; I am not pregnant and I am not moving!

I am staying right here in Winter Park; I am healthy; I am happily married; I am enjoying my kids and I continue to have privileges at Florida Hospital.

The circumstances surrounding my departure and subsequent speculation have been deeply disappointing. I understand that medicine is a business; however it takes very little to convey some level of humanity to carry out even the most difficult business decisions. We are human beings first; somehow that seems to have been lost in the shuffle. It is a basic need for human beings to seek answers when an interpersonal relationship is interrupted. Many of my patients and colleagues have been asking about my whereabouts and they tell me that they are either getting no answers or very erroneous and conflicting information. For that reason, I feel that I must set the record straight.

I did not make the decision to leave the practice, nor did I abandon my patients, my staff or my colleagues. My employer, Florida Hospital Medical Group (FHMG) chose to invoke a clause in our contract, to terminate that agreement (without cause) after I did not agree to their proposed amendment. This was purely a business decision on their part, and does not reflect on my competency, my professional skills as physician or the care that I give my patients. I had absolutely no control over the timing and manner in which the termination was effected. I also had no input with regards to the ensuing transition plans, including notifying patients and continuity of care. I was formally notified about the termination on Wednesday November 21, 2012, the day after a public notice was published in the Winter Park- Maitland Observer.

I believe that many of you have requested my contact details from the practice and FHMG headquarters, and nobody will (or can, even if they wanted to), provide that information to you. I understand that the only response you have received is similar to “We don’t know where she is and what happened”. Thankfully, Facebook and Google seem to have addressed that issue! Please feel free to forward my contact details to anybody who you think may want to get in touch with me.

I am in great spirits, after receiving this tremendous outpouring of support. I have received 300+ emails and Facebook posts and as many phone calls in the last week.

I truly enjoy taking care of people. As a child, my parents always encouraged me to follow my heart and to do what I loved. That freedom allowed me to become a Physician. It’s heartwarming to know that I picked the right profession. I am able to do what I love, and I can have a positive impact on the lives of so many wonderful and kind people.

This is an opportunity for me to practice medicine, the right way; how it used to be, and ought to be today.

I am indeed very fortunate to have all of you in my life. Thank you for your support!

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