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Concierge Membership Fee

We strive to provide the best care at an affordable cost to our patients, as we truly believe personalized healthcare should be affordable. Many concierge practices tend to charge upwards of $3,000+ per year, however, our fee is $1,800 per year for these services. The yearly membership fee is an out-of-pocket expense that is not covered by health insurance. You may still be able to deduct a portion of your payment by using an HSA, FSA or MSA. We encourage you to talk with your tax advisor and employer about these options.

Insurance Billing

Winter Park Primary Care has contracted with many different health insurance plans. We have an experienced team who files your claims with these providers. If there are any required co-pays, co-insurance, or deductible, we will collect them at the time of service. In the event your health plan does not cover all charges, you will be billed for your portion, as per an allowable rate.

*Please note that the annual membership fee covers the practice enhancements and access that is not covered by insurance. All medical visits will be billed separately.


We are delighted to have you join our practice. To serve you properly and make sure your first visit runs smoothly please bring the following with you:

Our New Patient Forms Packet

Please click the button below to download our New Patient Forms that you will need to print and complete. You can bring them with you or fax them directly to us at 321-282-6176